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Into Wilderness 2 Erotica Stories
Title Book: Into Wilderness 2 Erotica Stories
ISBN 10: 9781536980738
ISBN 13: 1536980730
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
Pages : 30

Télécharger Into Wilderness 2 Erotica Stories livre PDF et EPUB gratuitement. Sometimes a trip into the wilderness is exactly what the sex doctor ordered... An artist schedules time out at a Tiny House to catch up on work and she lets her longtime boyfriend come along too, because he promised to cook and clean. Little does she know, he's got plans to catch up on some work too. He's going to restart the romance, yet he's the one that's going to be surprised. Two short erotic stories, one wild arrival into the woods. Make sure you take a short vacation with this erotic romance and rekindle the love in your life. Into Wilderness 2 Erotica Stories: Romantic and Erotic Short Sexy Stories is the first book in Kindred Nights epic adventure into romance and erotica. This 28 page book (print length) is a short read and can be enjoyed between 15 and 30 minutes depending on read speed. Interview with the Author Q - So, what makes this book special? A - I've been writing under different names for more than 10 years now. It's only recently that I've jumped headfirst into romance and erotica. Once my longer form books makes it through the editing grinder I'm sure readers are going to love the deep character arcs coupled with real plot development often overlooked in erotica. In the meantime, I've pushed these stories to get them out to the readers as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. This book is brief, but by no means a teaser. The goal is to demonstrate to the awesome sexy people that read romance and erotica that this author's got the handcrafted words it takes to get them excited. Q - So are these Erotic Stories or Romance? What's the difference? A - Great question. I had to meet with some people in the industry to get a solid answer on this. As far as 'book shelf genre' goes erotica stories are ones where the plot revolves around sexual or intimate actions while "romantic stories" tend to be more about love and overcoming the obstacles to the relationships. I think both lead to great and meaningful stories with a visceral reaction from the readers. Right now many of my books are hybrids, they are love stories with explicit action and rich, compelling plots. I don't care what you want to call it, it's going to be hotter than the sun. Q - What's with the pen name? Who are you? I'm just like most readers. I've got a family and kids. I cook, I take care of everybody, and work a day job on top of it all. I very seriously put family first, and while I'm cool putting my name on these books, it would totally disturb my school-age-kids if word got out at recess that their parent writes smoldering hot stories. The pen name Kindred Nights has been a long time in the making. It's as much an artist statement as a placard to publish my books under. It's meant to instal that feeling of souls gathering around a fire at night, it's a break from the ordinary, when the lights go down. It's a mini-vacation nestled into every day life. Q - So, why should readers give this a try? A - I'm going to quote some of my heroes here, but reading is 'the Original Virtual Reality." You get to share experiences and orgasms with characters by sharing their head, thoughts, and bodies. You get ramped up with excitement, worried for them, and cheer for them. This story was designed in the hot sticky midwest (US) summers and I'm sure you'll love it. What do you have to loose? Seriously though, readers who enjoy hot explicit xxx adult stories that don't mess around are going to love this. Its got a raging inferno heat level and will keep you at the edge of your seat and bring you to new levels of excitement. We also edited the daylights out of it so you shouldn't get hung up or slowed down. Check out my amazon author page to find more books and ways to connect with me. As always, thank you for reading, you are beautiful! Into Wilderness 2 Erotica Stories: Romantic and Erotic Short Sexy Stories eBook Categories: -Erotic Stories -Erotica -Erotic -Romance -Romantic -XXX stories -Adult