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Nearly Free Small Biz Website
Title Book: Nearly Free Small Biz Website
Author : Patti Clark
ISBN 10: 9780982902615
ISBN 13: 0982902611
Publisher : 8 Am Publishing
Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
Pages : 102

Télécharger Nearly Free Small Biz Website livre PDF et EPUB gratuitement. It can easily cost $1,000 for a basic professionally designed small business website.But some small business owners are on more of a top ramen kind of budget.And they find the whole web design, web programming, HTML giberish glossy-eyed mystifying and teeth-knashing frustrating.Nearly Free Small Biz Website reveals how you can make your own website, without...knowing web programming, or waiting for, and paying a web programmer.Your own business website, under your control, for as little as $8.99 a year... nearly free.No voodoo incantations, no magic wands, no rocket science needed...Just the book - Nearly Free Small Biz Website, a few hours, and $8.99-$38.94And you'll be rewarded with a professional website, fully under your control - even if you can't spell HTML.And, there's more... * How to add E-commerce to your website (free) * 38 resources to boost your local search engine ranking (free) * How to Search Engine Optimize your website (free) * 33 additional free and low cost services, tools and resources to help you do more business easier and with lower cost