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Le Petit Cajun Esprit
Title Book: Le Petit Cajun Esprit
ISBN 10: 9781418442309
ISBN 13: 1418442305
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Category : Fiction / General
Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
Pages : 148

Télécharger Le Petit Cajun Esprit livre PDF et EPUB gratuitement.

First-time author, Mary Baxter, shares the amazing true-life story of Cristian Lobos. From the streets of Santiago, Chile, to Canada, Cristian discovers that freedom from poverty, violence, alcoholism, and abuse does not come easily. Simply changing countries does not solve one's problems!

Journey along as Cristian struggles through life, eventually hits a low-point that brings him to his knees, and begins questioning his very existence.

Discover, as Cristian did, how individuals come into our lives, guide us on our paths, and ultimately aid us in achieving the ultimate life one of joy, energy, and abundance!

Mary Baxter writes from her home in Ontario, Canada,

where she lives with her son, Christopher. This is her first novel.

Gut-wrenching Passionate Lovely Inspiring!

The must-read book of 2008!