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The Book of Satan
Title Book: The Book of Satan
Author : Bert Lavey
ISBN 10: 9781533450050
ISBN 13: 1533450056
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
Pages : 314

Télécharger The Book of Satan livre PDF et EPUB gratuitement. No one book can tell you all you need to know about SATAN in one book. Some people believe in Him and call Him good, while others call Him the devil and the source of all evil. Others know Him in the Sanskrit language as the meaning for ETERNAL TRUTH. SATAN is as real as you and I are. More than just an 'created idea' or 'whimical thought', Satan is a real FORCE in Man and Nature men call upon everyday to fulfill their wills and desires. And Satan delivers! Either way, here is a book that will tell you the Truth about Satan from a spiritual point-of-view. This is for REAL and this is for TRUTH and FANTASY. THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR THE CURIOUS! If you are subjected to being possessed, I caution you NOT to read this book. -Bert LaVey, Author