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Beyond Empire and Nation
Title Book: Beyond Empire and Nation
Author : Els Bogaerts
ISBN 10: 9789067182898
ISBN 13: 9067182893
Publisher : KITLV Press
Category : History / Africa / General
Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
Pages : 298

Télécharger Beyond Empire and Nation livre PDF et EPUB gratuitement. The decolonization of countries in Asia and Africa is one of the momentous events in the twentieth century. But did the shift to independence indeed affect the lives of the people in such a dramatic way as the political events suggest? The authors in this volume look beyond the political interpretations of decolonization and address the issue of social and economic reorientations which were necessitated or caused by the end of colonial rule. The book covers three major issues: public security; the changes in the urban environment, and the reorientation of the economies. Most articles search for comparisons transcending the colonial and national borders and adopt a time frame extending from the late colonial period to the early decades of independence in Asia and Africa (1930s-1970s). The volume is part of the research programme 'Indonesia across Orders' of the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation. Contributors to the volume are: Greg Bankoff, Raymond Betts, Ann Booth, Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch, Freek Colombijn, Frederick Cooper, Bill Freund, Karl Hack, Jim Masselos and Willem Wolters. Full text (Open Access)