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Esprit De Corpse
Title Book: Esprit De Corpse
ISBN 10: 9781525508912
ISBN 13: 1525508911
Publisher : FriesenPress
Category : Law / Criminal Law / General
Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
Pages : 176

Télécharger Esprit De Corpse livre PDF et EPUB gratuitement. Esprit De Corpse is a book that provides a common sense approach to police work. All police officers face day to day challenges throughout their career in law enforcement. During my service I have worked in the trenches in two of Canada’s provinces and a territory. It has allowed me the insight as to what it takes to meet those challenges. I have also had the fortune of working with officers from other departments that has impressed on me that all police officers are cut from the same cloth. They have altruistic values and a want to give back to their communities.

It’s about success and survival in policing regardless of the police service, police department, city, province, state, or country in which you police. All policing agencies will have traditions and legacies that their officers need to be mindful of in order to ensure their force’s longevity.