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An Introduction to NLP
Title Book: An Introduction to NLP
Author : Damian Hamill
ISBN 10: 9781456612894
ISBN 13: 1456612891
Publisher : eBookIt.com
Category : Self-Help / Personal Growth / General
Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
Pages : 58

Télécharger An Introduction to NLP livre PDF et EPUB gratuitement. In this eBook, Certified NLP Trainers David Kerr and Damian Hamill take the reader through a fascinating and thoughtful introduction to the field of Neuro-linguistic Programming.
Rather than merely focusing on techniques and superficial content, David and Damian empower the reader to harvest the full fruits of NLP by exploring the fundamental structure and underpinning concepts that make it the flexible and effective approach to life and work that it is.
They help the reader build understanding step-by-step, embroidering the learning with enlightening examples and intriguing exercises to really integrate and bring to life the material being taught.
Despite their particular focus on the use of NLP in work and business, the authors show how NLP can offer relevant and rewarding skills to every area of your life.